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If you want a whiter smile but are looking for more effective products than whitening substances that are included in mouthwash, chewing gum and toothpaste, consider trying a tooth whitening treatment system. In order to determine which teeth whitening system is best for you, ask yourself what your oral health care needs are.

Are you interested in a whiter smile that can improve the color and appearance of your teeth by up to 10 shades? If so, a professional tooth whitening treatment system can be applied and customized to your dental profile to give you the highest rated treatment system available today. Furthermore, due to the fact that new stains and discolorations will arise, at-home whitening treatment systems can be given by your dentist for future touch-ups.

Always speak with your dentist before using any over-the-counter product, as they can potentially damage your smile by bleaching your gums and eat away at your tooth enamel. However, if you wish to forgo any over-the-counter treatments and are interested in a professional in-office treatment, schedule a visit to your dentist now.

If you would like to book an exam for a teeth whitening treatment with Dr. Edward B. Miller and the rest of our team at Edward B. Miller, DDS, you are welcome to call our dentist office at 972-298-6131 for an appointment in Duncanville, Texas.