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Fillings are generally used to repair small chips and cavities. They are made from artificial materials like composite resin, amalgam, porcelain or gold. This means the filling is not directly threatened by tooth decay. However, it is still possible for the passage of time and the pervasive bacteria in your mouth to attack the seam where a filling meets the surrounding healthy tooth enamel.

In general, the older and larger a filling is, the more likely it is to develop a problem. If one of your fillings is giving you trouble or if it goes missing, you need to call Dr. Edward B. Miller as soon as possible to have it examined and repaired. Without timely treatment, the surrounding enamel could fracture or continue to decay, leading to even more serious complications. If a new area of decay develops in the void left by the missing filling, it could compromise the sensitive internal structures of the tooth.

If the filling was small, your dentist could be able to repair it by removing a small amount of the enamel and cementing a new filling into place.

If it was a large filling, or if the decay has simply compromised too much of the enamel layer, he might recommend that the tooth be fitted for a dental crown.

If you have lost a dental filling in Duncanville, Texas, you need to call Edward B. Miller, DDS at 972-298-6131 to have it treated and restored by your dentist.