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A common condition that arises in many individuals of all ages is dry mouth. Dry mouth is a condition in which saliva production in your mouth has diminished. Although having a dry mouth may not seem as big of an issue you may think, the lack of saliva in your mouth can be disastrous for your teeth and gums.

In many cases, it can be treated through traditional efforts including chewing sugarless gum or receiving proper hydration, which help spur on the creation of saliva. Saliva is designed to help treat your smile by washing away harmful acids and bacteria that seek to damage your teeth and gums.

If left untreated, dry mouth can lead to numerous ailments and issues throughout your body, including gum disease, cavities, frequent sore throats, or issues with breathing, swallowing, or chewing food. Be aware that many medications include dry mouth as a side effect, so exercise caution with any medications you may be taking.

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