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Are you ever concerned about the health of your teeth? Would you be interested in steps you can take, aside from brushing, flossing, and visiting our dentist, to protect your oral health? If so, we suggest considering the benefits of tongue scrapers.

Unlike your teeth, your tongue usually keeps itself fairly clean because saliva actually carries food particles and bacteria away from your smile and from your tongue, and since your tongue is constantly covered in saliva, it’s usually quite clean. However, please remember the bacteria from your tongue could spread to your back teeth, but if you clean well, this won’t cause a serious issue. Bacteria on your tongue might still harbor bacteria, which might cause bad breath. If you have consistent bad breath, cleaning your tongue could help you freshen it.

Unfortunately, keeping your tongue clean may not be a pleasant experience, especially if you try to brush your tongue with a toothbrush. Many people struggle to clean their tongue with a brush because it triggers their gag reflex. If you’re interested removing bacteria from your tongue, there are a number of options you may want to consider, though we suggest using a tongue scraper. These useful tools come in a number of sizes and might be made from many different materials. Choosing the right tongue scraper can make the entire experience more pleasant.

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