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Canker sores are not only painful and distracting; if left untreated, they can become infected and cause a whole new list of health concerns. If you develop a canker sore, address it immediately using the following suggestions.

First, keep the affected area clean. Even if it hurts, continue brushing your teeth and flossing each day. If the pain is too much, contact Dr. Edward B. Miller and inquire about alternative cleansing methods. Rinse your mouth a few times a day with saltwater or a combination of warm water and baking soda.

Second, seek out an over-the-counter treatment at your local Walgreens or another pharmacy and use as directed. If your canker sore is severe and requires stronger treatment, ask Dr. Edward B. Miller about prescription medication.

Third, leave the affected area alone as much as possible. Aside from applying medicine to your canker sore, avoid prodding it with your fingers or tongue. Doing so will only irritate it and possibly spread germs to the open sore. When you eat, choose foods that are at room temperature. Avoid spicy, acidic and sharp-edged food (eg, chips and pretzels). Chew on the side of your mouth that’s farther from the sore area, and drink all liquids through a straw.

If you’re concerned about your canker sore becoming infected, or you want more information on treatment options, contact Edward B. Miller, DDS at 972-298-6131 and set up a time to pays us a visit in Duncanville, Texas. We’ll put your concerns, and your canker sore, to rest.