The Benefits of a Tongue Scraper

Do you ever wonder why people use tongue scrapers? If so, our , Dr. , is happy to help you! You don’t have to use a tongue scraper. You can just brush your tongue after you brush your teeth. But to tell you more about tongue scrapers in , , is happy to list the… Read more »

Achieve Optimum Holiday Health with Teeth Whitening Treatments

If you want a whiter smile but are looking for more effective products than whitening substances that are included in mouthwash, chewing gum and toothpaste, consider trying a tooth whitening treatment system. In order to determine which teeth whitening system is best for you, ask yourself what your oral health care needs are. Are you… Read more »

Instructions for Dentures

Have you heard that the average age of dentures is 16 years old? And have you heard that if you take care of your false teeth, it’s possible that they could last even longer than that? We hope that the following information on treating dentures can be advantageous for you Using false teeth might seem… Read more »

Keeping Your Smile Safe for Halloween: Candies to Avoid

As the Halloween season sets its sights on your doorstep, the time is now to set forth a plan to keep your smile safe against the hidden dangers in the night. Not only can ghouls and goblins scare you out of your wits, but even the treats you eat can give your smile quite the… Read more »

Reasons Teeth Appear Dark

There are many reasons why pearly whites get stained. Knowing them will help you keep your teeth white and avert the need for whitening. Please consider the following if you are concerned about having whiter pearly whites: -Enamel thins with age or with excessive brushing, leaving the darker dentin layer to show through. -Certain highly… Read more »

Oral Health ABCs: Dry Mouth

A common condition that arises in many individuals of all ages is dry mouth. Dry mouth is a condition in which saliva production in your mouth has diminished. Although having a dry mouth may not seem as big of an issue you may think, the lack of saliva in your mouth can be disastrous for your… Read more »

A Missing Dental Crown Needs to Be Treated by a Dentist

A dental crown is often used to treat or restore a tooth that has suffered from a significant cavity or fracture; or that has a severe cosmetic imperfection. A crown is cemented to an abutment created from the dentin of your tooth. While it is rare, there are times when dental trauma or complications from… Read more »

The Finer Details of Dental Floss

The significance of dental floss for your oral health care cannot be understated. Even though brushing your teeth is an excellent tool to combat tooth decay and gum disease there are areas between your teeth that cannot be reached. Instead, these areas must be cleaned via the use of an interdental tool such as dental… Read more »

What Are the Advantages of Mouthwash?

Although brushing and flossing are the best ways to maintain a healthy smile, using mouthwashes and rinses are a great way to supplement your daily oral health regimen. Remember that not all mouthwashes are designed for the same function. Before using any type of mouthwash, contact your dentist at to determine which product will work… Read more »

Teeth Clenching is Bruxism

If you clench your teeth at night, you could be suffering from bruxism. Bruxism could be preventing you from having the sleep you need to keep your body healthy. Here at in , , our team is proud to help you with your oral health, which is why we are happy to talk to you… Read more »