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Your teeth are responsible for many functions in your body, including speech, eating and smiling when you’re happy. Keeping your teeth in good health includes brushing and flossing your teeth each day. If you are looking to improve your smile, we invite you to start drinking more water to care for and clean your teeth.

Humans are made of a large composition of water, and a sufficient daily intake of water is vital for proper function. Increasing your water intake can greatly improve overall health and oral health, especially when the water is full of a natural cavity fighter called fluoride that helps improves the quality of teeth. For this reason, many communities have public drinking water that contains fluoride, which many studies have shown can bring down the occurrences of tooth decay. We invite you to speak with our dentist about drinking fluoridated water if you don’t already.

Water helps to naturally clean your smile and should not be replaced with other drinks like soda, juice or coffee. These beverages deposit sugar on the teeth that bacteria feed on to create acid that can chew through the tooth enamel layer. Drinking water when you eat meals or simply throughout the day helps to remove particles of sugar and bacteria, and rinse acid off your teeth.

Drinking water can help relieve instances of dry mouth, which certain medications can cause as a side effect by reducing the mouth’s saliva production. Your mouth needs saliva because it helps prevent cavities on the teeth; reduced saliva, on the other hand, causes more problems than just discomfort. Drinking water helps to replace saliva and prevent tooth decay while you find the ideal solution for your dry mouth.

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